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it's definately me!

how is it that i can never hold onto anything.. a feeling.. emotion.. friends.. lovers..
they all seem to always slip by.. time heals a lot.. but it changes things around as well..
sometimes for the better.. but other times it just changes things for the worst..
why do i get so sad about some things all the time.. i can never deal with them??
why is so hard i wonder? i need to meet new people.. need to move out of the regular circle..
need to see the world more.. and not make anymore attachments.. its too painful when the same fall out.. way too painful..

a lot of people find writing in a journal is lame... and for losers.. with no lives..
but somehow this is the only thing i can count on.. and talk to .. and it understands me.. and lets me say anything i want without forming its own opinion and throwing it back at me!

well.. its time things better start looking up.. or different.. its too monotonous at the moment..
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