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ok so the next step would be??

every step of one's life, one faces many questions and decisions... sometimes it is wonderable that our lives are shaped according to the decisions we make. if things are screwed up.. we have made bad decisions and we blame everything else but ourselves..

its important to understand, that it is not the decision that is bad or good.. it is the way the situation is handled that determines how things will turn out..

one of the biggest barriers to self content is 'expectations'...

but why is it so wrong to expect when you know you deserve it?
its true that each one gets their share of joy and sorrows and its also true that no matter what happens, we are powerful enough to deal with any aspect of life.. because thats what makes life's 'experiences' and we come out stronger individuals..

but this is a question, who's answer will unfold mysteriously along the way..
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